High-flux 365nm Ultraviolet Light


  • Pocket-sized Alternate Light Source
  • Nichia high flux emitter with special lens
  • Output power density > 1250µW/cm² at 15” (38cm)
  • Current-regulated drive circuit maximizes battery performance
  • Black anodized aluminum body
  • Glass lens
  • Uses two CR123A lithium cells
  • Or, also supports one 18650 cell
  • Click on/off rubber tailcap switch
  • Momentary-on also possible with tailcap switch
  • Useful battery life typically xxx hours (primary cells)
  • Supports Lithium and rechargeable lithium batteries
  • 5.25 inches long
  • LED Lifetime 1000 hours
  • Beam angle 10 degrees with no hot-spots or rings
  • Output power 250mW at 365nm
  • Lanyard provided
  • Shows dust and contaminants unlike any other light this size!
  • Unbeatable for currency and document examination
  • NOTE: Available with smooth 30 degree beam for forensic photography
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